Homework 4

Let’s learn new words

  • Lazy. He’s too lazy to walk to work.
  • Loyal. She’s very loyal to her friends.
  • Generous. It was generous of you to lend me the money.
  • Helpful. She’s such a pleasant, helpful child!
  • Bad-tempered. She’s very bad-tempered in the mornings!
  • Bossy. A bossy person is always telling people what to do. My older sister was very bossy.
  • Cheerful. Happy and positive. He’s usually fairly cheerful.
  • Confident. Being certain of your abilities or having trust in people, plans, or the future. Be a bit more confident in yourself!
  • Impatient. Easily annoyed by someone’s mistakes or because you have to wait. He’s a good teacher, but inclined to be a bit impatient with slow learners.
  • Jealous. Unhappy and angry because someone has something that you want. He had always been very jealous of his brother’s good looks.
  • Dishonest. a dishonest way of making money.
  • Easy-going. Relaxed and not easily upset or worried.
  • Mean. Unkind or unpleasant. Stop being so mean to me!