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Family and Friends 2

Hello, everyone! This programme includes a focus on real speaking and writing output and solid foundation in English. After completing this course students will expand the vocabulary and improve their grammar and speaking skills. 完成本课程后,学生将扩大词汇量,提高语法和口语技能。 Vocabulary school thingsfeelingsoutdoor activitiesfood, numbers 20-100school subjects, school roomsafter-school activitiesspecial daysevery day activities, times of the dayplacesweather, weather activitiesclothes, timecelebrations, …

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Complete Preliminary English Test (PET)

Complete Preliminary Second edition is the most thorough preparation for the revised 2020  B1 Preliminary exam. Complete is trusted by millions of candidates worldwide and the new updated edition continues to provide preparation, practice, information and advice to ensure that students are fully prepared for the exam. Complete’s exam journey through each unit focuses learners on different exam tasks and familiarises them …

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Family and Friends Starter

Hello, everyone! We are happy to start this new course. 大家好! 我们很高兴开始这一新课程。